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  • Villa singola
  • Pallanza, Varbania, VB
  • 1.450.000
  • Villa singola 2
  • Pallanza, Varbania, VB 2
  • 1.450.000
  • Villa singola 3
  • Pallanza, Varbania, VB 2
  • 1.450.000

The RE/MAX Collection offers you only luxury, exclusive and quality real estate solutions, to meet your prestige needs. Our deep knowledge of the luxury real estate market and the vast network of contacts, allow us to identify the most exclusive opportunities and the properties that best suit your lifestyle.

All this thanks to the professionalism of our consultants, highly experienced, qualified and certified by international brands of reference in the luxury market, such as Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® (CLHMS)</ strong>.

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We are RE/MAX'S internationally renowned high-end and prestigious brand, offering only exclusive luxury properties worldwide.


Our business model is based on mutual collaboration with the sole objective of finding the most suitable prestigious property for you.


From visits to property selection: we communicate luxury in 360 degrees to give you an experience that will exceed all your expectations.

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